Monday, March 23, 2009

Debut Novel by Yungsi Ernest Kiyah

Yungsi Ernest Kiyah. To Immigrate Or To Live Happily Ever After? AuthorHouse. 2008, 316pp

Product Description
Dave is denied a visa to the USA twice, but this only heightens his dream to immigrate. He turns to the au pair program but 9/11 springs an ugly surprise on his plans.An employment opportunity takes him to China, where Dave is puzzled by the lives of an interesting group of foreigners around him. Why does Spencer, who believes in online romance despite the worldwide influx of internet scammers, know so much about Dave's country? When will Randal learn that "because I am black" is not the only answer to his problems in China? Dockie, the con man gets his reward but does Annette, the ex-internet scammer get off too easily?As the puzzles unravel, Dave's dream is about to come true, but there is a catch... He falls in love! An Armenian man's secret past catches up with his daughter, to whom Dave is about to propose. Dave therefore has to choose between Immigrating to the USA and marrying Araisha.

About the Author
Yungsi Ernest Kiyah is a writer, journalist and teacher who won two prizes in the BBC Network Africa Short Story Competition with his stories "First Visit" and "Nature's call," respectively.He presently teaches English as a Second Language (ESL)in China."To Immigrate or to Live Happily ever After" is set in two countries, one where the author was born and the other where he presently lives.A holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Minor in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea, Yungsi Ernest Kiyah blends journalistic style with an in-depth understanding of social phenomena to create a story that makes you want to know what will happen next, every single step of the way.Born in Cameroon, the author runs a website on which he publishes short stories and poems at


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