Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pilgrimage of no Retreat by Larry Bate Takang (Poetry)

Larry Bate Takang. Pilgrimage of no Retreat. A&A Printers, Florida, 2009. 86 pgs.

The poems in this collection though philosophical, deep and at times abstract, are incredibly appealing even to the non-poetry lover. The language is simple but the messages are very thought provoking and powerful. Listening to the poems of this author being dramatised keeps you literally speechless. The messages hit you hard, but then you are too touched and dumbfounded to react immediately, as if wondering why the narration came to an end.

His poems give you the feeling of being one of the first to read masterpieces that you know will be read and talked about for generations to come.

“Pilgrimage of No Retreat” is made up of a collection of 50 poems covering a wide range of subjects e.g love, nature, politics, death, life, education as well as abstract poems that touch on the unknown. It is a collection that reveals the inner thoughts of this Rotterdam based poet and unveils the beauty, elegance and uniqueness of his style of poetry. 'Pilgrimage of no Retreat' is a must read book.

Order a copy to understand why.

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