Saturday, March 21, 2009

(Poetry) Words Lost in the Wind by Ndzdemo Romauld

Ndzdemo Ngong Romauld. Words Lost in the Wind. Red Room, 2008.

In words lost on the wind, we enter into a world of beauty and love and mystery where everything is recognized and given its significance. The author leads his readers from page to page, with vivid images drawn from day-to-day life encounters with people and situations to that startling discovery that beneath the reality of suffering, poverty and solitude there is an instance of song where beauty reveals itself in the things we caress or break or things that touch or break us. It is poetry of love, of beauty, of passion, of encounter but above all, it is a call to an awareness that immerses us into the joys of life. Dzemo makes his readers dream, laugh, think, pray and fall in love. It is an altogether enchanting world to enter in.

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