Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chopchair by Linus Asong

Linus Asong. Chopchair

A quick-tempered and extremely irritable Fuo Akendong II learns with utter disappointment that his favorite wife had conceived twins—both boys. To avoid his wrath, his councilors conceal the birth, sending away one of the boys to grow in hiding. When the truth is revealed fifteen years later, the prince in hiding kidnaps the palace prince and demands his full share of the Kingdom.

About the author
Linus T. Asong was born in Lewoh in 1947. He attended St. Joseph’s Sasse and CCAST Bambili before enrolling at Cape Coast University in Ghana. He graduated with a degree in Education. He taught in French speaking Cameroon for a few years before entering the University of Windsor in Canada where he did a terminal degree in Creative Writing. He would eventually earn an M.A. and a Doctorate in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. He currently teaches literature at E.N.S Annexe, Bambili, a branch of the University of Yaounde 1.

His novels include, Stranger in Homeland, The Crown of Thorns, No Way To Die, Salvation Colony, A Legend of the Dead and Akroma File. He has also compiled two books of jokes: Laughing Store Pt. I & II

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Alisca Ghang said...

Love his works. Did no way to die and it was and still is great
Names of the characters Says a lot about them