Saturday, November 24, 2007

On their Knees By Mathew Takwi

Takwi's poetry echoes a society's cry for justice, peace and love which to the poet are hallmarks of better gains ahead, reason why in the poem "if I Could Love Only A Little" he shows the extent to which love could change the face of the world, in fact could change the corrupt society in which even he the speaker finds himself entrapped. One of the stanzas is telling:

If I could love only a little,
I will slightly right the wrongs in a glee,
And moon the dark clouds of human vicinity,
Like full bloom pink rose,
In green, green orchard.

The poems in this collection are weaved in potentially poignant diction that on their own, carry the message across with clarity and concision. To read Takwi's collection of poetry is to stamp one's imprint on the unspoken and unwritten history of literature's struggle to affirm itself into the mainstream of history's attempts to understand and justify its own judgment on the collective effort towards self-assertion and individual and collective liberty. If we do not read Takwi, then sincerely, I do not know what else we will read.

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