Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Reapers & Freed into Jail by JK Bannavti

A school environment rife with teachers trading grades for sex, tears down a student couple's life, and tips the parent's marriage overboard.

Book Description
The Reapers is an enthralling cautionary tale which tackles hot-button issues of our times such as rumor-mongering and destructive innuendo, love and broken trust, infidelity and revenge, powerlessness and the arrogance of power, sexual libertinism and sexual coercion. It is a no-nonsense look at what happens on college and university campuses; from the temptations and challenges faced by students to the rapacious behavior of lecturers who prey on helpless students.–Dibussi Tande, Summit Magazine

The Reapers epitomizes love which is sandwiched by such elements as reason, irrationality, fidelity and falsehood, and innocence and guilt. ... [It] exposes the plight of students - male and female alike - vis-à-vis their lecturers, as well as marital problems and 'temporal' adultery. –Cameroon Tribune

What is wrong in this family saga is not the supposed infidelity of Asui or the anger of Maimo, rather it is the lack of logic and reason which frames their actions. It is the same lack of logic and reason which catapults the larger society to a morally bankrupt quagmire...and the question which looms at the end of the play is not why it happened but how can the mess be cleaned up; this question extends to the larger society as well.–Joyce Ashuntantang, Ph.D., Professor of English, Univ. of Connecticut, Greater Hartford, Founder & CEO, EduART Inc.

The Reapers is a great effort at conscientization for parents, teachers and students. It is a very pungent satire–Kehbuma Langmia. PhD, Professor of Media Communications, Bowie State University, MD

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