Saturday, November 24, 2007

Profile: Victor Elame Musinga

Dramatist and actor (1944-)

Musinga draws inspiration and material for his writing from the urban experience of his native Cameroon. His plays deal with the common people lost in the conflicting mix of urban and traditional values which characterize city life. Musinga's theatre has very much in common with that of other African popular artists, but especially the plays of the Zambian Kabwe KASOMA.

Apart from a similarity in theme, their theatrical style reflects the syncretism of urban life and experience, an indiscriminate amalgam of dance, music, dialogue and other elements drawn from traditional and modern sources.

Musinga has written and acted in The Tragedy of Mr. No-Balance, Night Marriages, and Accountant Wawah. The key feature of Musinga's dramaturgy is a certain sensitivity to the theatrical possibilities of the English language through creation of a range of registers for his characters.

Culled from Who's Who in Contemporary World Theatre By Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (2000), pp. 211-212

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